Academic journal article The Agricultural Education Magazine

Teachers as Visionaries: Ten Steps to Success

Academic journal article The Agricultural Education Magazine

Teachers as Visionaries: Ten Steps to Success

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Just as politicians say "all politics are local", it is clear that the future of school-based agricultural education rests with the local program. At the heart of the local program and its success is THE TEACHER. The teacher's pivotal role in charting a course for the future of agricultural education can not be denied, glossed over, or ignored. If the teacher is not prepared for this role, it's as if the teacher is not prepared to teach agriculture courses or help students learn and participate in career development events.

A school-based program of agricultural education can be no better than the teacher that leads it. If a successful program of agricultural education exists, it exists because of the teacher. Such teachers have the following roles in developing and promoting a vision for Agricultural Education:

* Listening to people - To be fully engaged with people we must listen to what they are really saying. The clients we serve can provide guidance for our program if we are willing to listen.

* Gathering data - The visionary gathers data and studies this information to provide direction.

* Asking probing questions -To be good at listening and gathering data we must ask lots of questions. Meaningful questions often lead to information that can direct us toward the future.

* Taking the long view -What will this program be like in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years? Be willing to project a preferred future.

* Seeing curriculum as a step on a journey not a journey in itself - A program with a vision uses the curriculum as a vehicle for change.

* Establishing short term objectives to meet long term goals - Specific steps can show measured success which provide direction and show progress.

* Setting goals that define the program - Forward looking programs have goals that are well above where we think we are now. …

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