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Grey-The Colour of Productivity

Academic journal article Manager

Grey-The Colour of Productivity

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Creative colour in he workplace can boost productivity, spice up the environment and make employees feel better, according to one leading specialist But it has remained a well kept secret-until now.

Nick Tuggey, marketing director of leading document management specialists Kardex Systems (UK) believes that creative use of colour can have a profound effect on the office environment. Says Tuggey "Where we have installed different colour units the whole working environment is so much lighter and brighter. It goes to show just what a difference colour can make.

"There is plenty of evidence that creative use of colour can improve working environments and we believe many companies are just waking up to the potential benefits of the choice on offer."

Despite the wide range of colours and finishes available, however, grey is clearly the current choice of most bluechip companies when it comes to filing units - Kardex figures show more than 90% of systems are ordered in grey.

Nick Tuggey also believes that businesses are gradually becoming more and more adventurous with their colour schemes as the positive impact of colour on people's moods is realised.

Leading author and past vice president of The International Association for Colour, Marie Louise Lacy, agrees, believing that colours surrounding employees can have a significant impact on their motivation and creativity: Says Lacy "People are a reflection of their environment and grey surroundings create grey people.

"It is important that organisations plan the office surroundings to include colours which create a stimulating, work-focused but relaxed environment Numerous studies have proved that colours which create these conditions have a major influence on the mood and productivity of employees."

In her book The Power of Colour to Heal the Environment Lacy lists common human reactions to various colours. She suggests pale orange and green for offices, royal blue for machines, with a warm colour such as peach or apricot for the surrounding factory walls, and medium to light blue (but definitely not green or brown) for partitions in open plan offices. …

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