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Academic journal article Chicago Review

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"At the same time the mind is trying to find its place within the land,

to discover a way to dispel its own sense of estrangement."

Give me my death back

I will free me if you do,

what I saw killed me right off,

give it back to me yours.

At the core endless white

terror at the other pole terror

the mouthless singer, the shadow hunter

at the same time the mind.

I could not move my arms and legs,

they were too far away:

I could not make a word in my mouth

I was suspended in a shaft in the earth.

Then I came to in the forest

of hands, the sun red off centre

over the dark utilitarian units,

the private calibration shot.

You must walk on as if I were

an open door, go right through me

as you go, you will feel nothing

in the great whiteness roaring.

Jack what I saw killed me right off,

Jack give it back to me yours.

I shot across the frozen lake near Ratzeburg,

like in the poem, Sara, splintering at speed

a road straight through hell, a road,

ice breaking like thunder islands of ice

absorbing the mind's self consciousness

in attention to the object working on it;

I was a rock in the Arctic ocean dreaming,

ha, I was a painted rock upon etc yours

later, I don't recall, a hand reaching out,

you were not there, a pitch of nightmare

a motion of its own, I swam in solid air

as if falling cadence after cadence

at night the sky full of stars, the moon rising,

after three days the first ice appeared

-growlers, boulders in a river, in deep swell, hunting us,

then we dropped below the convergence

Laudanum gave me repose,

a green continent of fountains

trees nodding in the very heart of waste,

the fields, the air, the sun, made new

one word undid me: riverside, to sit by a river

in England-riverside, with others, to watch

the river flow under trees in green shade

undid me here in this unfixed place. …

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