Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Lebanon

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Lebanon

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Oct. 29: A military court sentenced to death in absentia Fatah leader Sultan Abu al-'Aynayn for violating state security. Speaking from his home in the Al-Rashidiyah refugee camp near Tyre, Abu al-'Aynayn said that he would not surrender to Lebanese authorities. (10/29 FT, WSJ, 11/20 FBIS]

Nov. 12: In the south, Hizballah forces began a wave of mortar attacks against South Lebanese Army (SLA) forces, injuring four SLA fighters. [11/113 NYT]

Nov. 20: At the 'Ayn al-Hulwah refugee camp in Sidon, hundreds of Palestinians gathered at the main entrance to protest enhanced security measures taken by the Lebanese army. [11/23 FBIS]

Dec. 7: Near the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL,) post in Al-Mansuri, Israeli shelling killed one person and injured two. [12/ 8 FBIS] Dec. 9: Hizballah sources reported that during clashes between Israeli and Hizballah forces in Rub' al-Thalathin, two Hizballah fighters were killed. [12/113 FBIS]

Dec. 16: SLA shelling of the village of `Arab al-Salim, located north of the "security zone," injured 15 children. The Israeli army called the attack "a mistake." [12/17 NYT, WSJ, WP, FBIS] Dec. 25: Following an Israeli air attack, Hizballah and SLA forces clashed in the "security zone," killing one Hizballah fighter and injuring one SLA fighter. [12/26 WP]

Dec. 27: As a gesture of goodwill, Israel released five Lebanese Hizballah members who had been imprisoned without trial in Israel. [12/27 NYT, WSJ, WP, FBIS]

Dec. …

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