Drawing Conclusions: Editorial Cartoonists Consider Hillary Rodham-Clinton

Article excerpt

Miller, Elaine K. (1998). Drawing Conclusions: Editorial cartoonists consider Hillary Rodham-Clinton. 27 minutes/color. First Run/ Icarus Films. $225 for sale. $50 for rental.

This short video confronts the issues surrounding the volatile role of Hillary Rodham-Clinton by looking at political cartoons and the cartoonists who routinely skewer, glorify, and critique the First Lady. Structured with numerous examples of various political leanings, the featured cartoonists examine why Rodham-Clinton has become such a lightening rod in the national storm of gender sentiments.

During her tenure as First Lady and now in her own political career, Rodham-Clinton surely has provided the bombshells that inspire visual storytellers. The cartoonists explain that because Hillary is well known, their satire can be deeper and more analytical due to the assumptions readers already have. People know the Whitewater story, they know about the health-care issues, the know about the "controversies" surrounding her hair. They use the familiar metaphors for taking on Hillary - the strident feminist with endless demands and the strong ideologue. She is often portrayed with the features of a man, showing her as the ultimate source of power in the marriage. The cartoonists critique the fairness of their coverage and try to examine why much of the coverage of Rodham-Clinton has been so personal. …


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