The Friends of ISGS: Our Thanks for Your Help

Article excerpt

The Directors and staff of ISGS wish to recognize those members who have contributed to the Society more than the amount of basic membership. Many of you have given extra funds, from a modest amount to hundreds of dollars as a Club Member. Several of our dedicated supporters have given in the thousands.

The Society depends on donations in order to meet the expenses of its educational publishing mission. Income from sales of publications, membership dues I ETC subscriptions, and royalties for reprints and electronic distribution covers approximately fifty percent of operating costs.

The balance comes from ISGS members' contributions and the occasional bequest.

To acknowledge this vital giving, without which we would have no Society, we have formed a new club, The Friends of ISGS.

Who will belong to the Friends of ISGS? Anyone who has made a gift of $50 or more to the Society will qualify as a member of this special club.

In the past, we have printed the names of those who have given $100 or more in one year in the pages of the Spring ETC. In the future, we plan to continue this tradition, with this exception, we would like to print the names of all of the Friends of ISGS for a particular year, i.e., anyone who gives $50 or more.

We also plan to revise our membership categories to better fit our new club.

In addition, we will offer small gifts to those who contribute as a Friend of ISGS. We would begin with something like this. Members giving $100 or more may receive one copy of any book published by ISGS. Or they can choose from the gifts described below, depending on the level of giving.

Those who give $50 to $99 will receive a gift certificate far a one-year ETC subscription/ISGS membership for a friend.

Those who give $100 to $250 will receive a Member's Lapel Pin and a gift certificate for a one year ETC subscription/ISGS membership for a friend.

Those who give $250 to $500 will receive an ISGS Donor Pin, and a gift certificate for a one year ETC subscription/ ISGS membership.

Those giving $500 to $1000 will receive an ISGS book of their choice, an ISGS Donor Pin, and two ETC/membership gift certificates.

In case the above seems verging on the hardening of the categories, let us introduce some flexibility. When you send in your gift of $50 or more, if none of the above seems just right for you, let us have your suggestion.

To the following members of the Society who gave contributions of $100 or more in 1999, we salute you and we thank you. We could not continue our work for the advancement of general semantics without your kind and generous assistance. …


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