Editors' Introduction to the Joint Special Issue on Collaboration, Partnership, Policy, and Practice in Career Development

Article excerpt

The June issues of the Journal of Employment Counseling and The Career Development Quarterly are unique. They are a joint special issue focusing on opportunities for increased partnerships and collaboration among professional career development associations, countries, policy makers, and practitioners. In developing the proposal for this joint special issue, we were particularly interested in receiving manuscripts in which authors identified ways in which partnerships and collaborative efforts meet the career development needs of diverse populations.

The idea for this joint special issue evolved naturally from a series of discussions between us over a 2-year period. Not coincidentally, these discussions occurred during the time that the American Counseling Association was exploring restructuring possibilities. In the spirit of the Chinese symbol for crisis, which represents both crisis and opportunity, this "crisis" within our professional association provided the "opportunity" for us to think differently about ways that our divisional affiliations (i.e., the National Employment Counselors Association [NECA] and the National Career Development Association [NCDA]) could engage in collaborative activities. As editors of the Journal of Employment Counseling and The Career Development Quarterly, we identified the joint special issue as one example of the type of collaboration that could occur between NECA and NCDA--two ACA divisions with a great deal in common.

In part, our eagerness for greater collaboration among career development organizations, theorists, practitioners, and policy makers also stems from our own experiences working internationally in career counselor training. …


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