Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Afghanistan

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Afghanistan

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July 18: Eight soldiers in Afghanistan's nascent national army were attacked and killed in the southeastern province of Khost. The attackers were suspected to be Taliban members. [FT 7/19]

July 19: Following an attack on a US special forces patrol, more than 20 alleged Taliban fighters were killed in southern Afghanistan. [FT 7/22]

July 28: The UN released a report citing widespread human rights violations by police, intelligence officials, and militants in Afghanistan. [NYT, 7/29]

Six Afghan policemen were killed in a suspected Taliban ambush. [WSJ, 7/29]

Aug. 10: Following a series of attacks on aid agencies, the UN suspended field work in southern Afghanistan. [FT, 8/11]

Aug. 11: US forces accidentally killed two Pakistani border guards and wounded a third while in pursuit of several other individuals who had shot at US Special Operations troops. According to a senior Pakistani officer, the error resulted from US troops confusing a Pakistani patrol car for alQa'ida or Taliban fighters. [WSJ, 8/12]

In the first mission beyond Europe's borders in its 54-year history, NATO took formal control of the multinational peacekeeping force in Kabul. [NYT, 8/12]

Aug. 13: More than 60 people were killed across Afghanistan in a number of unrelated clashes between government security forces and remaining Taliban militants. …

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