Academic journal article Hecate

She Assembles Herself, in the Blind Light of Morning

Academic journal article Hecate

She Assembles Herself, in the Blind Light of Morning

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She Assembles Herself, In the Blind Light of Morning

She assembles herself, in the blind light of morning.

A smooth oval skull of polished bone over a sharp jawbone and with hinges connects itself to a clicking vertebrae. Snaps into shape between flat sharp shoulder blades. Two long limbs lock into the shoulder joints, flowing like water the bone splits from the elbow joint and pours in two thin lines into the wrist from which a spider web of jointed bone extends, tiny white sharp branches of fingers.

She assembles herself, a stolen rib, slipped into place beside a basket of others, woven carefully together over organ pipes of lungs, a throbbing fresh heart, wiped clean with a handkerchief.

She assembles herself, hips next. A sideways swagger to accommodate a baby, or a heavy weight of irony. Two thin flat discs, sharpened at the bases, flattened at the tops, sway waiting for legs. Round thick bones slide up, slippery knee-bones float between the long strips of cartilage, fine foot bones connect in an intricate puzzle long remembered.

She assembles herself, organs gathered together out of tissue-lined boxes, slipped into the skeleton attached with long pipes of vein and sinew, a smooth layer of muscle and skin, intricately woven together with a masterful tight embroidery, muscles wrapping about the flat hip bones, stretching across the sharp shoulder blades, protecting the slippery knee joints. A smooth sweep of skin stretches across her cheek bones, ties up around the gristle of her ears, dives into the skull at her eye sockets and out again across the flat hard forehead. She stands, pressing her white fleshy feet into the floor threading them with sudden blue veins as they take her weight.

She assembles herself, an empty round belly, three cavities below her hips, one for food, one for waste, one for new life. She carves a little button in the soft belly skin, a small navel dipping in slightly from the flowing curve of her stomach. …

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