Academic journal article Hecate

Secrets of a Fat Lady

Academic journal article Hecate

Secrets of a Fat Lady

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Secrets of a Fat Lady

The Fat Ladies of circuses are secretive people. They keep the details of their lives to themselves.

You can rarely tell what a circus Fat Lady is thinking. The Fat Ladies of circuses know how to hide their feelings. When they watch you, they keep their thoughts quiet; they hide their jealousies under their big tent dresses.

In fact, whenever possible, a Fat Lady makes herself elusive. When she is not performing, she spends most of her time in her caravan. A Fat Lady chooses to eat alone and she chooses to rest alone.

Although most circus Fat Ladies prefer to be alone, occasionally a Fat Lady makes a friend.

Take The Fat Lady of this circus -- although she does not socialise with most of the performers from this circus, The Duckman is her friend. A few times a week, The Fat Lady and The Duckman go on walks together.

When a Fat Lady walks, her movements are slow but her breath is quick. By the time she has finished a long walk, she is panting heavily.

When The Fat Lady of this circus is panting from a walk, The Duckman smiles at her. He places his webbed hand onto the slope of her big shoulders.

In addition to their walks, The Fat Lady and The Duckman have dinner together at least once a week. The Duckman usually joins The Fat Lady in her caravan. The Fat Lady cooks up a big dinner and they talk into the night. After five and a half years of friendship, The Duckman still tells his biggest secrets to The Fat Lady.

And why not? Ladies and Gentlemen -- if you ever gain a Fat Lady as a friend, know that you are lucky. A circus Fat Lady will be your most loyal and valuable friend.

One night, The Duckman joins The Fat Lady in her caravan for dinner.

Over food and wine, they talk. They talk about the town in which the circus is staying and they talk about other circus news. They talk about the end of the circus season; The Fat Lady is looking forward to the end of the circus season.

When all the food has been eaten, The Duckman helps The Fat Lady clear the plates away. Then they sit back down at the table.

The Duckman clears his throat. The Fat Lady smiles at him, and he smiles back. Then The Duckman tells The Fat Lady his news:

He tells The Fat Lady that, at the end of this circus season, he will be leaving this circus. He and his partner, The Regurgitating Woman, have signed contracts to work with another circus. …

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