Academic journal article Chicago Review


Academic journal article Chicago Review


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Somewhere for anyone to happen on,

unheard, unreferenced, on master tape,

my outtakes, the edges of completion,

still survive as leftovers from a cleaned-up

final version. They have been filed away

for someone killing time in an archive

to stumble across while his fiance

collects her coat and pay cheque and clocks off:

my nervous coughing; a few pat words

of instruction; the dry-run that amounts

to attempting "Baa Baa Black Sheep" backwards;

fingers drubbing; some seating adjustments;

the technical hitch purring like a fridge

in the wee hours; an entry off cue;

a pitcher of tap water clinked; the bridge

of "Norwegian Wood" lilted out of key;

a gag about old dentures which falls flat

after tripping on grasps, slurring the same

diphthong twice; groaned from the editing suite

"And from the top again, in your own time";

a pause to wangle a cut for the news;

the reel let run through apologetic

yawns and ill judged ad fibs and the tannoy's

pointers on pronunciation; static

like rain on a skylight; a clearing throat;

the suggestion of five to download

three seconds of wind through a field of wheat

or footsteps nearing on an asphalt road;

blowing on coffee with neither sugar

nor milk; a last pre-emptory sniffle

within range; the odd expletive on air;

a hangover's residual crackle

swept beneath the first riffs of a fugue;

requests for a breather and a script re-think;

stammering on flashbacks of last night's fug;

a Swatch bleating six; mid-sentence, a blank

or fluff or coming too close to the mike

at the thought of underthings on a floor;

a door sighing shut; my mumbling junk like

"I'm not sure I can do this anymore. …

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