The Mohawk Trail: Route 2 from Boston, Massachusetts to Troy, New York

Article excerpt

Muddy River Press. The Mohawk Trail: Route 2 from Boston, Massachusetts to Troy, New York. Brookline: Muddy River Press, 2003.

The recent publication of this travel book, or rather "Historic Auto Trail Guide," truly is a bittersweet journey down memory lane in one of the furthest corners of Western Massachusetts. The Mohawk Trail is not so much a history book, but rather a look at the ride across the state into Eastern New York. "The Highway of History" has several points of interest, including motels, roadside stands, covered bridges, and other highway structures. It is entirely conceivable that the traveler will be able to use the book as a guide along the way, since it is conveniently small and narrow enough to fit into one's glove compartment.

The book begins with the traveler leaving Boston in the early twentieth century. The route changes according to the time period. A description of each highway and each town is given, and there are plenty of old photographs to point out the buildings that used to be there on the road to the western part of the state. Communities such as Franklin County, Greenfield, Shelburne Falls, East and West Charlemont, North Adams, Williamstown, and Troy, NY. …


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