Academic journal article Hecate


Academic journal article Hecate


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Seen to be done...

We are not barbarians. The man was clearly

guilty: he had been convicted in a fair

trial. Now, after thirteen years and four

appeals, he slept in his own room.

We are a civilised people. We let him spend

the whole day watching television. That evening

he had tuna casserole, spinach and lima

beans. He could have ordered a special meal.

He took a sedative and went to bed. At

forty-five minutes after midnight we were

informed the Court had lifted his last

stay of execution. Even then, we were no

harsher than circumstances made necessary.

It was not right to keep him waiting.The

termination was fixed for one thirty.

We do not lack for manners. In the waiting

room there were magazines, biscuits and hot

coffee. We advised the witnesses and his

family members to go to the lavatory before

they moved to the execution chamber.

We are a Christian society. We offered the

services of a chaplain to anyone who wanted

them. His family waited in a separate room.

You could hear them reciting the rosary.

We are a caring people. At one a.m. we woke

him gently. He was strapped carefully to a

table so that he would not hurt himself.

There was a catheter in his arm so that no

doctor would need to break his hippocratic

oath. There was a plug in his anus so that his

body would stay quite clean. …

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