Academic journal article Hecate

Rapunzel / the Shelf

Academic journal article Hecate

Rapunzel / the Shelf

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Supposing Rapunzel, enticed into a magic circle, had turned her anxieties to stone. Placing them one upon another, round and round, she built a tower and found herself encased in fears with only one small window, very high, through which to view the world.

Her memories she spun into a silk cocoon and grew sweet williams in a dainty bowl. She caged her thoughts, those flighty birds, those chattering sparrows that disturbed her so.

She gave the dove an olive branch and let it go.

Reality came sometimes with brews and potions fairy cakes and tea squeezing through the window like an old crone shrivelled as a baked potato hard and cold to touch as frozen peas.

Reality came one day with all a young man's charms slipping through the window like a sun-drenched lizard with kings and palaces reflected in his eyes. …

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