Books -- the Multimedia Adventure by Nicholas V. Iuppa and Marc Wade

Article excerpt

Iuppa, Nicholas V. and Man: Wade (1993). The Multimedia Adventure. White Plains, N.Y.: Knowledge Industries Publications.

If mass communication scholars are to offer new or increased instruction in interactive multimedia design, textbooks must go beyond the scope of how-to software manuals. Most of the available books are either woefully out of date or contain instructions applicable to one specific authoring system or computer platform. This need not be the case. There are many design principles which have proven effective, are eminently teachable, and are not dependent on any particular software program or computer architecture.

In some ways, The Multimedia Adventure fills the void. Veteran multimedia text author Iuppa and Apple computer wiz Wade have created a highly readable exploration of a fascinating, confusing field.

It may be useful to point out just what this book is not. For one thing, it is not a text on instructional design. Many of the standard texts on interactive video (including Iuppa's) have concentrated on instructional theory and testable objectives as much as on multimedia design. This was appropriate because until recently most of the text users were in colleges of education or working in the training industry. However, these days interactive multimedia design is being used in advertising, public relations, and research, and will provide the "on-ramp" to the information superhighways of tomorrow.

Iuppa and Wade approach the subject in much the way a good desktop publishing seminar is conducted. This text is not a theoretical work. Information on communication theories, modality learning, cognitive styles, and other constructs which serve as grounding for application of interactive multimedia will have to come from other sources. …


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