Academic journal article Hecate

Force Landings

Academic journal article Hecate

Force Landings

Article excerpt

Force Landings


Slow rolling.


Close the hatches.



Clavel del Aire.

Dentist's daughter from Rotorua.

Fox furs. Feathers.

A government grant in the depression.

Adventurer. Gold digger. Jilt.

A girl has to do

what a girl has to do

who has nothing much to lose

but a life in which

everyone is exceptional.

Beg. Borrow. Bludge.

Hide the write off s.

Learn to stall turn

and calculate

degrees of drift.

Magnetic variations.

The logistics of a cockpit.

Wear your heart in your mouth.

Don't take your eyes off

the waves. The compass. Spins.

Watching dials tick by torchlight.

A flick of the joystick.

When a downdraft plucks

and plummets


almost into the rising sea

and clambering spluttering up up

farther, further...



Dizzy with altitude.

Only the sobbing engine

louder than words.

The sky is a wall of air.

At fourteen thousand feet

a Gypsy moth is wet cloth.

Wood. Wire. Metal.

You hurtle through the monsoon's

storm cell. …

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