Academic journal article Hecate

Cat War

Academic journal article Hecate

Cat War

Article excerpt

We are

quarrelling with our neighbours over a cat.

We're in our sixties, she's twenty-seven

and the cat's still kitten.

We watch

the nightly news. We needn't fight

for food. This isn't Ethiopia. We're not starving

like children in Brazil. We're all well-fed,

including the cat. Especially the cat.

We see

the latest on South Africa. But here,

it's not the same. The cat is white, part-Siamese.

His ears and tail are black, however.

- Call him mixed, racially.

He comes without calling.

We belong

to different religions. Not as in Ireland.

My husband worships cats. Whereas my neighbour

believes in property. I'm an agnostic, doubting

the sanctity of both.

The cat

belongs to her, not him. Yet I admit

I share his fondness. For the creature's lovely.

Lithe. Delicate. And sits inside his skin

with twenty times more grace than we possess. …

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