Academic journal article Hecate

Another Shitty Day

Academic journal article Hecate

Another Shitty Day

Article excerpt

I've had another shitty day

and rumbling down the gravel-crunch drive

into the garage

I get the dread feeling

that resembles the getting-to-work-late syndrome.

I think,

"It's been another shitty day"

as Graeme meets me

plodding up the backsteps

with my bag.

"Hi," I say,

keen to get past him

and straight to the kitchen frigidair for a drink.

"Your cat's shat in the backroom again"

he says.


The bloody cat's done it again!

He needn't have told me,

the smell overwhelms me

the second my nose gets through the backdoor.

Shit it stinks.

That fuckin' cat.

Why didn't he clean it up?

Sure I know it's my cat;

my responsibility,

But how long has he been sitting in here

absorbing the fumes?


I go into the back loo

and get a big wad of toilet paper.

It's been another shitty day.

My stomach's twisted with tension.

my mind crammed with pissed-offedness

I walk toward the backroom looking for catshit. …

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