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Benefits to Business

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Benefits to Business

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"Borrowing with Pride"

At Bass, we look for the best ideas for running our business whether they originate from within the company or from outside. I am an advocate ofthe concept of borrowing with pride', a term coined by a contemporary in the Human Resources field in another company.

By sponsoring an HTI secondee, I knew we would get an external perspective that would challenge the status quo. In business, there is always a danger of becoming too insular. We need to constantly question our perceptions and thinking - innovation and change are permanent features ofour working days! Having Lester for a year meant he had time to fully understand and immerse himself in the Bass culture without losing his objectivity. Not being a permanent employee, he could afford to ask the 'durnb` question without losing face.

Lester added real value to all the projects with which he was involved. He certainly challenged my thinking. I found myselfasking questions like - do we sell ourselves well enough internally? Do we use our successes as a way of gaining resources and indulgence? He made us dig deeper into what I call the third level of knowledge- that is - "I dont know what I don't know' which is always a good starting point for learning.

Cost Benefit Rationale

I was able to give Lester projects like the New Deal that wouldhave been difficult to allocate to members of staff given their existing responsibilities and the temporary nature of the work. Despite these difficulties, we at Bass were enthusiastic about the initiative and wanted to participate. Lester's attachment provided the ideal solution. …

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