Hebrew Studies: A Journal Devoted to Hebrew Language and Literature, Edited by Ziony Zevit

Article excerpt

Volume 42 (2001). $40.00.

Hebrew Studies is a publication of the National Association of Professors of Hebrews. Befitting "a journal devoted to Hebrew language and literature" (as its subtitle states), its thirteen articles and two review essays all place emphasis, sometimes substantial but always substantive, on Hebrew: Marc S. Bernstein, "Midrash and Marginality: The `'Agunot' of S. Y. Agnon and Devorah Baron"; Andrew E. Steinmann, "Three Things...Four Things...Seven Things: The Coherence of Proverbs 30:11-33 and the Unity of Proverbs 30"; Luba Charlap, "Another View on Rabbi Abraham Ibn-Ezra's Contribution to Medieval Hebrew Grammar"; Zohar Livnat, " From Biblical to Modern Hebrew: A Semantic-textual Approach"; Dan Urian, ""; Michael Carasik, "Exegetical Implications of the Masoretic Cantillation Marks in Ecclesiastes"; Shmuel Vargon, "S. D. Luzzatto on "; Gary A. Rendsburg, "Hebrew Philological Notes (II)"; Reuven Snir, "`Postcards in the Morning': Palestinians Writing in Hebrew"; Ian Young, "Observations on the Third Person Masculine Singular Pronominal Suffix -H in Hebrew Biblical Texts"; Steven E. Fassberg, "The Movement from Qal to Pi"el in Hebrew and the Disappearance of the Qal Internal Passive"; Zvi H. Betzer, "Further Clarifications on the Work of Norzi"; Ahouva Shulman, "Imperative and Second Person Indicative Forms in Biblical Hebrew Prose"; Peter J. Gentry, "A Review of A Review and Reference Grammar for Biblical Hebrew. By Malcolm J. A. Horsnell"; and Leon I. Yudkin, "A Review of Random Harvest: The Novellas of Bialik. By Hayim Nahman Bialik."

As this listing clearly demonstrates, the articles and their authors cover a variety of topics from divers chronological and cultural settings through myriad methodologies and perspectives. Although it is not likely that everything contained herein will be of interest to all readers, it is probable that anyone interested in Jewish Studies -- for example, Shofar subscribers -- will find at least a few of these articles interesting and intriguing. A helpful feature of this journal; namely, an informative abstract at the beginning of each article, makes it easier for its users to determine which articles are particularly relevant. …


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