Academic journal article The Agricultural Education Magazine

The Cornerstone of OUR Profession

Academic journal article The Agricultural Education Magazine

The Cornerstone of OUR Profession

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One fact which is undeniable is that the cornerstone of every agricultural education program is the teacher. The success of the students, or lack of same, is directly related to the competency and commitment of the local teacher..

The teacher is responsible in the final analysis for the success or failure of the agricultural education program at the local level. Now how did I arrive at the idea that it is a responsibility of the local agricultural education teacher to assure and maintain a high quality agricultural education program? To more fully understand this vital concept, a brief examination of the total program of agricultural education in the local school is in order.

Classroom Instruction

The first and most fully acknowledged component of a local agricultural education program is instruction of agricultural related classes. This is the job for which most agricultural education teachers are primarily hired; and incidentally, the basic reason for students being in the program (not for FFA reasons).

Now, the teacher does not decide whether or not to accept the responsibility of instructing the class -nor should the student be allowed to decide whether or not to take part in the "learning" in the classroom. Indeed, if a teacher reported to the Board of Education that he/she did not feel like he/she wanted to teach his/ her classes, that there were other things they would rather do, then the resulting action is fully predictable. Suppose a student informed the teacher he/she really did not care to be involved in the class work, but that they would go along with working in the laboratory. What reaction would be forthcoming from the teacher? Certainly the teacher believes class work is a component of the program and one would hope that a program would not be considered to be complete without all of its components.

Laboratory Instruction

Turning to another teaching component of the local program - the laboratory phase of instruction -does the same logic not hold? …

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