Talking to Your Kids about Sex: From Toddlers to Preteens

Article excerpt

Berkenkamp, L., & Atkins, S. C. (2002). Talking to Your Kids about Sex: From Toddlers to Preteens. Norwich, VT: Nomad Press. 127 pp. Paper ISBN: 0-9659258-3-8. $14.95.

Part of the Go Parents! series of books on parenting challenges, this entertaining book presents developmentally appropriate suggestions for discussing sex with children. Aimed primarily at parents, the book also would be useful for parenting education professionals.

Each of the first four chapters focuses on a specific age group and opens with a humorous scenario describing the way a child in that age group may broach the subject of sex. The opening scenario is followed by an outline of the topics covered in the chapter, making this a useful reference tool. In addition, each chapter includes sections on subjects that children in each age group are most likely to be curious about, what information they should know, games and activities to make talking about sex more comfortable, and frequently asked questions. Topics covered include labeling body parts, understanding sex and gender differences, where babies come from, inappropriate touching, masturbation, and menstruation. The fifth and final chapter presents questions about sex that kids often ask (such as, "where does the baby come out? …