Academic journal article Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology

Index: Volume 53

Academic journal article Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology

Index: Volume 53

Article excerpt

Abahnini, Khemais, & Proteau, Luc. The Role of Peripheral and Central Visual Information for the Directional Control of Manual Aiming Movements 160

Amirikian, Bagrat, & Georgopoulos, Apostolos P. Cortical Populations and Behaviour: Hebb's Thread 21

Baird, Brenda. See Lichacz, Frederick M.

Besner, Derek, & Stolz, Jennifer. Context Dependency in Stroop's Paradigm: When are Words Treated as Nonlinguistic Objects? 374

Borowsky, Ron, Owen, William J., & Fonos, Nikki. Reading Speech and Hearing Print: Constraining Models of Visual Word Recognition by Exploring Connections With Speech Perception 294

Brown, Lucy L. See Lidsky, Theodore I.

Butters, Nelson. See Salmon, David P.

Chan, Agnes S. See Salmon, David P.

Chua, Romeo. See Lyons, James.

Chun, Elvin. See Paap, Kenneth R.

Cowan, W. B. See Olds, E. S.

Cree, George S. See McRae, Ken

De Sa, Virginia R. See McRae, Ken

Dixon, Peter, & Twilley, Leslie C. Context and Homograph Meaning Resolution 335

Dixon, Peter, & O'Reilly, Tenaha. Scientific Versus Statistical Inference 133

Easterbrook, Megan A., Kisilevsky, B. S., Muir, D. W., & Laplante, D. P. Newborns Discriminate Schematic Faces From Scrambled Faces 231

Elliott, Digby. See Lyons, James.

Fentress, John C. The Organization of Behaviour Revisited 8

Foehring, Robert C., & Lorenzon, Nancy M. Neuromodulation, Development and Synaptic Plasticity 45

Fonos, Nikki. See Borowsky, Ron

Georgopoulos, Apostolos P. See Amirikian, Bagrat.

Herdman, Chris M. Research on Visual Word Recognition: From Verbal Learning to Parallel Distributed Processing 269

Herdman, Chris M. La recherche sur la reconnaissance visuelle de mots: de l'apprentissage verbal au traitement parallele reparti 273

Herdman, Chris M. See Lichacz, Frederick M.

Herdman, Chris M. See Strain, Eamon

Hicks, Carrie L. See Masson, Michael E. J.

Hino, Yasushi. See Sears, Christopher R.

Horton, Keith D., & Nash, Brenda D. Perceptual Transfer in Stem- Completion and Fragment-Completion Tests 203

Hubbard, Timothy L., & Ruppel, Susan E. Representational Momentum and the Landmark Attraction Effect 242

Jacobs, W. Jake, & Nadel, L. The First Panic Attack: A Neurobiological Theory 92

Johnson, Mark H. Ontogenetic Constraints on Neural and Behavioral Plasticity: Evidence From Imprinting and Face Processing 77

Jolicoeur, P. See Olds, E. S.

Joordens, Steve. Not a Page-turner, but a Very Intellectually- Challenging Book. Review of S. Pinker, How the mind works. 262

Kisilevsky, B. S. See Easterbrook, Megan A.

Klein, Raymond M. The Hebb Legacy 1

Klein, Raymond M. Le legs de Hebb 4

Kolb, Bryan. Synaptic Plasticity and the Organization of Behaviour After Early and Late Brain Injury 62

Kwantes, Peter J., & Mewhort, D. J. K. Modeling Lexical Decision and Word Naming as a Retrieval Process 306

Lapalme, Guy. Voir Larochelle, Serge.

Laplante, D. P. See Easterbrook, Megan A.

Larochelle, Serge, Lapalme, Guy, Laurier, Daniel, Peretz, Isabelle, & Polguere, Alain. Le premier vocabulaire de sciences cognitives en langue francaise. …

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