Academic journal article Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology

Index: Volume 51 [Authors]

Academic journal article Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology

Index: Volume 51 [Authors]

Article excerpt

Bauer, Ben, & Besner, Derek. Processing in the Stroop Task:

Mental Set as a Determinant of Performance 61

Behrmann, Marlene. See Williams, Diane E.

Belleville, Sylvie. See Peretz, Isabelle.

Benjafield, John G. A lively approach to vividness: A review

of McKelvie, S. J. (1995). Vividness of visual imagery:

Measurement, nature, function and dynamics 261

Bennett, Patrick J. See Potts, Alison J.

Besner, Derek. See Bauer, Ben.

Besner, Derek. See Plourde, Carolyn E.

Bosman, Elizabeth L. See Schmuckler, Mark A.

Brodeur, Darlene A, & Enns, James T. Covert Visual Orienting

Across the Lifespan 20

Campbell, Jamie I. D. Reading-Based Interference in Cognitive

Arithmetic 74

Campbell, Kathryn C. See Proctor, Robert W.

Coulombe, Daniel. See Zumbo, Bruno.

Cuddy, L.L. See Steinke, W.R.

Dopkins, Stephen & Gleason, Theresa. Comparing Exemplar and

Prototype Models of Categorization 212

Dornier, Lanie. See Proctor, Robert W.

Drake, Carolyn. See Palmer, Caroline.

Enns, James T. See Brodeur, Darlene.

Fontaine, Robert J., Lee, Timothy D., & Swinnen, Stephan P.

Learning a New Bimanual Coordination Pattern: Reciprocal

Influences of Intrinsic and To-Be-Learned Patterns 1

Fontaine, Sophie. See Peretz, Isabelle.

Gabbard, Carl, Misaki, Iteya, & Rabb, Casi. A Lateralized

Comparison of Handedness and Object Proximity 176

Gleason, Theresa. See Dopkins, Stephen.

Goernert, Phillip N., & Wolfe, Thomas. Is There Hypermnesia

and Reminiscence for Information Intentionally Forgotten? 231

Hamm, Jeff. See Taylor, Tracy L.

Higham, Philip A. Chunks Are Not Enough: The Insufficiency of

Feature Frequency-Based Explanations of Artificial Grammar

Learning 126

Hill, David S. See Trehub, Sandra E.

Hino, Yasushi, Lupker, Stephen J., & Sears, Chris R. The

Effects of Word Association and Meaning Frequency in a

Cross-Modal Lexical Decision Task: Is the Priming due to

"Semantic" Activation? 195

Holden, R.R. See Steinke, W.R.

Jones, Mari Riess, & Pfordresher, Peter Q. Tracking Musical

Patterns using Joint Accent Structure 271

Kamenetsky, Stuart B. See Trehub, Sandra E.

Kennedy, Sidney H. See Potts, Alison J.

Khan, Myrna. See Walley, Roc E.

Krumhansl, Carol L. An Exploratory Study of Musical Emotions and

Psychophysiology 336

Lacerte, Denis. See Lacouture, Yves.

Lacouture, Yves, & Lacerte, Denis. Stimulus Modality and

Stimulus-Response Compatibility in Absolute Identification 165

Lee, Timothy D. See Fontaine, Robert J.

Lupker, Stephen J. See Hino, Yasushi.

Marais, Ida. Bilateral Stimulus Presentation in Memory Scanning 69

Marmurek, Harvey H. C. Limiting Lexical Activation Limits

Perceptual Priming in Masked Word Identification 241

McKinnon, Margaret C., & Schellenberg, E. Glenn. A Left-Ear

Advantage for Forced-Choice Judgments of Melodic Contour 171

McLeod, Barbara E. See Walley, Roc E.

Misaki, Iteya. See Gabbard, Carl.

Mori, Shuji. Effects of Absolute and Relative Gap Sizes in

Visual Search for Closure 112

Moscovitch, Morris. See Williams, Diane E.

Palmer, Caroline, & Drake, Carolyn. …

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