Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Arab-Israeli Conflict

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Arab-Israeli Conflict

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Apr. 16: Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak stated that Israel would not seek to annex al-'Aizariya and Abu Dis, two towns near Jerusalem, claiming that the annexations "serve[d] neither the security nor any other national interest of Israel." [4/17 NYT]

Apr. 17: In Bethlehem, Israeli soldiers clashed with Palestinians protesting for the release of nearly 1,650 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails. [4/28 MEED]

Apr. 20: At the White House, in Washington, DC, Palestinian National Authority (PNA) President Yasir 'Arafat met with US President Bill Clinton to discuss the prospects for a final peace accord with Israel. [4121 NYT, 4/28 MEED] Apr. 23: In Cairo, PNA President `Arafat met with Egyptian President Husni Mubarak to discuss the status of Israeli-Palestinian talks. [4/24 FBIS]

April 26: In his first interview with Western media, Dr. Bashar al-Asad, son of Syrian President Hafiz al-Asad, stated that he welcomed Israel's intended withdrawal from southern Lebanon, but stressed that this should occur within the framework of a comprehensive peace package that included the return to Syria of the Golan Heights. 14/27 WP]

The New York Times reported that in his first visit to the West Bank since ascending the throne, Jordan's King `Abdallah had arrived in Ramallah for a meeting with PNA President `Arafat. [4/26 NYT]

The Jordan-based Al-Dustur reported that in Amman, a delegation of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), led by Secretary General Nayif Hawatmeh, had met with members of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) political committee, to discuss the status of Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations. [4/27 FBIS] Apr. 30: In Eilat, Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations resumed between Israel and the Palestinians. The Israeli and Palestinian delegations were led by senior negotiators Oded Eran and Yasir 'Abd Rabbuh, respectively. (5/1 WP, 5/12 MEED]

May 1: In Nablus, Israeli soldiers forcibly removed Jewish settlers from a hilltop on the West Bank. [512 NYT]

May 5: The New York Times reported that Israeli authorities had intercepted a plane flying from Gaza International Airport to Jordan, claiming that the plane had been taking an incorrect flight path. [5/5 NYT]

May 7: In an effort to guard against possible bomb attacks, Israeli officials announced that Palestinians would not be allowed to enter Israel from the West Bank and Gaza from 8 May until the end of Memorial Day events on 11 May. [5/8 FT, 5/19 MEED]

In Ramallah, in their first meeting since March, PNA President `Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Barak agreed to resume talks on "final status" arrangements, with the intention of meeting the 13 September deadline for a comprehensive peace. [5/8 NYT, FT, WP]

May 9: The New York Times reported that in the West Bank, amid clashes with Palestinian stonethrowers rallying for the release of prisoners, Israeli soldiers shooting rubber-coated bullets had injured six Palestinians. [5/9 NYT, 5/26 MEED]

May 11: In Jerusalem, Israel's Supreme Court overturned a 31 March decision by a lower court to parole Yoram Skolnik, a Jewish settler, who had been sentenced to life imprisonment for the 23 March 1993 killing of Palestinian Musa Abu Sabha near Susia, a settlement in the West Bank. [5/12 NYT]

May 12: The Financial Times reported that Palestinian leaders had urged PNA President `Arafat to reject the offer Israeli Prime Minister Barak had made for a Palestinian state, calling it "a trap." [5/12 FT]

May 14: Israeli authorities announced that they had released Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) co-founder Salih Shihada, after he had served nearly 12 years in prison. [5115 WP]

May 15: In the most intense fighting in nearly four years, Israeli soldiers and Palestinians clashed in territories throughout the West Bank and Gaza, resulting in the death of four Palestinians, and the injury of nearly 300 others. …

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