Internationalization of Research and Development and the Emergence of Global R&D Networks

Article excerpt

Internationalisation of Research and Development and the Emergence of Global R&D Networks; Manuel G. Serapio and Takabumi Hayashi (Eds.); Elsevier Research in International Business, Vol. 8, 2004; 228pp., $93.55.

This volume presents research on the internationalisation of R&D by scholars from North America, Europe and Japan. It builds on the current understanding of three key developments in the subject and related topics including investment motivation, location decisions, R&D networks, and the management and organization of international R&D. Editors Serapio (U. of Colorado) and Hayashi (Rikkyo University) observe that the three developments, which have taken place since the early 1980s, are:

1. Multinationals from North America, Europe and Japan have increased their cross-border investments in R&D.

2. The roles played by overseas R&D facilities of these MNCs have evolved from primarily acting as "transfer agents from the parent company to the host country" to that of a "resource for the development of technologies for the local, regional and world markets."

3. MNCs are beginning to integrate their research activities on a global scale and a number of MNCs have established global networks. …