Academic journal article Journal of Canadian Studies

Index Annuel: Volume 34, 1999-2000

Academic journal article Journal of Canadian Studies

Index Annuel: Volume 34, 1999-2000

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ANDREW, EDWARD. Who Profits From Crime? (review). No. 1: 184-200.

ARAT-KOC, SEDEF. Neo-Liberalism, State Restructuring and Immigration: Changes in Canadian Politics in the 1990s. No. 2: 31-56.

AZZI, STEPHEN. Intuitive Nationalist Walter Gordon as Thinker. No. 4: 121-35.

BADGLEY, KERRY. Ontario - Truly Yours to Discover (review). No. 4: 168-78.

BEHEILS, MICHAEL D. Canadian Thinkers in the 20th Century (Introduction). No. 4: 9-14.

BELLAMY, MATTHEW J. Understanding Canada: Through the Prism of Contemporary Economic Thought (review). No. 1: 213-24.

BICKERTON, JAMES. Reforming Health Care Governance: The Case of Nova Scotia. No. 2: 159-90.

BRADFORD, NEIL. Writing Public Philosophy: Canada's Royal Commission on Everything. No. 4: 136-67.

CAMPBELL, ROBERT M. Enduring Canadian Questions in the Globalized Environment (editorial). No. 1: 5-7.

--. A New Canadian Public Philosophy for the 21st Century. No. 3: 5-6.

CARROLL, BARBARA WAKE. The Question of Changing Moral and Ethical Standards in Canadian Political Life (Point-Counterpoint). No. 1: 201-12.

CHRISTIAN, WILLIAM. Canada's Fate: Principal Grant, Sir George Parkin and George Grant. No. 4: 88-104.

DJWA, SANDRA. "Nothing By Halves": F.R. Scott. No. 4: 52-69.

DRODGE, SUSAN. Representations of Maritime Cultures and Theories: A Review Essay (review). No. 2: 215-23.

EVENDEN, MATTHEW. The Northern Vision of Harold Innis. No. 3: 162-86.

FIAMENGO, JANICE. A Legacy of Ambivalence: Responses to Nellie McClung. No. 4: 70-87.

GLEASON, MONA. Embodied Negotiations: Children's Bodies and Historical Change in Canada, 1930 to 1960. No. 1: 112-38.

GREER, ALLAN. Historical Roots of Canadian Democracy. No. 1: 7-26.

GROVER, RACHEL. Michael Andrews Farrar: Pioneer Artist and Clergyman. No. 3: 134-61.

HORN, MICHIEL. Tenure and the Canadian Professoriate (Point-Counterpoint). No. 3: 261-81.

HULAN, RENEE and LINDA WARLEY. Cultural Literacy, First Nations and the Future of Canadian Literary Studies. No. 3: 59-86.

HYMAN, ROGER. Writing Against Knowing, Writing Against Certainty; or What's Really Under the Veranda in Jacques Poulin's Volkswagen Blues. No. 3: 106-33.

JONES, PRESTON. Towards a Study of the Bible in Canadian Public Life (Point-Counterpoint). No. 1: 161-71.

KUHLBERG, MARK. "We Have 'Sold' Forestry to the Management of the Company": Abitibi Power and Paper Company's Forestry Initiatives in Ontario, 1919-1929. No. 3: 187-210.

LIGHTBODY, JAMES. Finding the Trolls Under Your Bridge: The New Case for Over Partisanship in Canadian City Politics (Point-Counterpoint). No. 1: 172-83.

LITTLE, MARGARET HILLYARD and IAN MORRISON. The "Pecker Detectors" Are Back: Regulation of the Family Form in Ontario Welfare Policy. No. 2: 110-36.

LONG, DOUGLAS. Northrop Frye: Liberal Humanism and the Critique of Ideology. No. 4: 27-51.

MACDONALD, MARTHA. Restructuring, Gender and Social Security Reform in Canada. No. 2: 57-88.

MACFARLANE, JOHN. Double Vision: Ernest Lapointe, Mackenzie King and the Quebec Voice in Canadian Foreign Policy, 1935-1939. No. 1: 93-111.

MACLAREN, I.S. Cultured Wilderness in Jasper National Park. No. 3: 7-58.

MAYSON, MELODIE. Ontario Works and Single Mothers: Redefining "Deservedness" and the Social Contract. No. 2: 89-109.

McBRIDE, STEPHEN. Towards Permanent Insecurity: The Social Impact of Unemployment. No. 2: 13-30.

McDANIEL, SUSAN A. Untangling Love and Domination: Challenge of Home Care for the Elderly in a Reconstructing Canada. No. 2: 191-214.

MIEDEMA, GARY. For Canada's Sake: The Centennial Celebrations of 1967, State Legitimation and The Restructuring of Canadian Public Life. No. 1: 139-60.

NEILL, ROBIN. Economic Historiography in the 1950s: The Saskatchewan School. No. 3: 243-60.

O'GRADY, JEAN. The Poetic Frye. No. 4: 15-26.

PATTEN, STEVE. The Reform Party's Re-imagining of the Canadian Nation. …

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