Academic journal article Chicago Review

Excerpts from Recycling

Academic journal article Chicago Review

Excerpts from Recycling

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"Was ist Recycling? Die Wiederverwendung bereits einmal oder mehrfach benutzter Rohstoffe zur

Gewinnung neuer Produkte" I

Fashion (1944-1994) his clothes comprised a woolen cap

a nightshirt with no buttons a small woman's cardigan trousers daubed red

old shoes one all holes

the other a woman's tiny slipper didn't fit at all fifty years later for casual wear

natural fabrics are back wool reigns mixed

with polyesters and polyamides woven to recall

granny's handknitted

waistcoats sweaters caps and scarves dark colours are most popular

black grey silver steel dusky orange

skyblue and shades of yellow ring the knell for the wild colours that have ruled the ski slopes until now

she receives a man's shirt to go with torn long underwear

torn old trousers

and a Russian soldier's blouse she has a star on white canvas non-Jewish women get a red triangle rags on their shaved heads

I seem to be

at a masked ball

the orchestra's playing G6ralu czy ci nie tall some relieved themselves in their soup bowls

fifty years later even the most elegant

keep greatcoats or bosun's jackets with shiny double rows of buttons in their winter wardrobe

A sailor's blouse a bosun's

or bomber jacket an officer's cap a flying suit still have

a huge following it's not just

the young shoulder-strap brigade who go for the military look he looked into the mouth under the tongue between the fingers and the toes

and in the anus and in the ears Schauen wir mal, wer

in diesem Sommer die Hosen anhat? Die Designer haben sick viele Modelle ausgedacht: Bleistift - Hose, Marlene - Look,

Hippie - Feeling, Gucci - Dress Zitronengelbe HUft - Hose

mit Blibnchenmuster Perfekt zu bauchfreien Tops und Pullis they said to women in Auschwitz du vollgestopfter Strumpf

du alte Hexe alte Kanone

alte Hut alte Fetzen alte Krippe alte Gazette

du Scheiladen Scheiflkiibel alte Waschkommode alte Ziege alte Zitrone

Krematoriumsfigur welcher Mann hat Lust mich auf meinem weiblichen Planeten kennenzulernen? starke, sinnlich-erotische Schane akad. blond

liebst auch Du Theater Musik Literatur Tanzen Ski Tennis Sauna Reisen Wandern Lady seeks gentleman

Lady seeks lady Gentleman seeks lady Gentleman seeks gentleman join us

for a good time on her head

recently shaved for the movie she sports a smart crew cut

and her amazing figure is strapped in a pink bikini and wrapped

in a big bath towel the greatest mistake is

mixing warm and cold colours e.g. warm orange lips

with cold pink nails warm poppy red with cold cherry copper lipstick

with cyclamen varnish C*ald Gold Sato to aem ... I gold was the first age ages passed

the XX century came the XX century passes the christian world nears its end

strange signs

have appeared in the sky and on earth strange signs have appeared on gold bullion

in the vaults of the Riksbank the central bank of Sweden the gold began to weep tears of blood to hide this fact

the Riksbank requested

the central bank of Switzerland to remove German identification marks

from gold bullion and replace them

with the stamp of Sweden gold began to speak

in the Federal Reserve Bank

in the Bank of England in London in New York

in Paris in the Banque de France in Madrid

and Lisbon

a golden silence fell

on the capitals of Europe and both Americas then it began to melt

gold bricks gold bullion gold bars

gold coins spoke

gold laundered in Europe and America erupts in stains

bleeds armoured vaults

are sealed like gas chambers but you can hear grinding teeth muffled cries

a dank carrion stench escapes from safes oozing ptomaine blood

gold laundered in Switzerland decomposes and rots

in antiseptic Sweden there are gold teeth in there gold caps gold rings

with diamond eyes spectacle frames hair fountain pens breath banks unveil

their bosom secrets

banks temples of the golden calf monumental goldscheifiers excrete

impurities in an hour glass gold sand flows Joaquin Navarro-Valls press spokesman

for the Holy See would not confirm reports

broadcast on the American TV network A & E

that the Vatican secreted 200 million swiss francs principally gold coins looted by croatian fascists during the second world war

croatian fascists who mass murdered

Serbs Jews and Gypsies

carried 350 million swiss francs out of Yugoslavia

before the end of the war

the British managed to intercept about 150 million swiss francs the rest

reached the Vatican whence rumours suggested

it was transferred

to Spain and Argentina long poems

Newsweek: Nazi-Gold auch in Portugal

das lange Gedicht Israel joined in

the dispute over the possessions of Holocaust victims

this is not the first time

jewish organisations have challenged the swiss banks

or perhaps

the Holocaust never happened you can read more and more often in postnazi german papers

in american papers

you can read reprints from foreign papers in polish-language "national"

papers saying the Holocaust never happened you can read more and more on the walls of our town slogans in polish

"gas the jews" and in german "Juden raus" just thoughtless youths

just naughty boys children drawing the star of David hanging from gibbets

das lange Gedicht

my friend Kazimierz Wykal made a note for posterity during the hitler occupation

"The Germans' methods for liquidating the Jews weigh on their conscience. …

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