Academic journal article Chicago Review

Tri-Lateral Lullaby (Cosmogony)

Academic journal article Chicago Review

Tri-Lateral Lullaby (Cosmogony)

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in a yet unsettled sky

a gleam vacillates its mother fully for herself in a maternal star

spreads the fringe of a lullaby fully for herself sucks her breast fully for herself flares her tongue fully for herself induces labor fully for herself takes on sexuality but rubbing against lips not hers no longer kisses light only spits in its face

again fully for herself and entangled in her own umbilical cord she axes her belly open and with the ax stitches closed

her noah's ark of flesh continuously set upon by the binary stallion her own arms

she defends herself with the leftward thrust of her thighs while on the right she prevents their parry nibbling sidereal children as they grow and layering on them masses of blowing skin yet in this tempest there's nothing to place her head on see how

she backs straight into embrace how compressed

she weaves him from threads of her openings how she rakes in a skimpy supply of eternity for the temporal bootee

of the son who in a bi-lateral light fully for himself spreads his mother and himself cuts his own

teeth for the tongue he uses to clean the womb of his own birth then spits into his own face also licked clean of herself then takes the ax

from his loins and hacks the spent blood in the pelvic basin of the heart for which he is caught in his own cain sets fire to his hips and after growing nibbles

his sidereal mother and too in his own self-amassing there's none to nestle his head on so he rakes in

his mother beneath himself but cannot reach embrace nearby stirred to the core from both sides is a cradle

itself self-hammering sideboards and itself of nails singing simultaneously three lullabies into all the laterals of song

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Translated by Frank Kujawinski

[Author Affiliation]

Frank Kujawinski has translated the work of

[Author Affiliation]

Tymoteusz Karpowicz and several other Polish writers for a variety of magazines. …

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