Academic journal article Anglican Theological Review

Holy Saturday

Academic journal article Anglican Theological Review

Holy Saturday

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Near Woodacre, California

I am facing south,

sealed beneath a trinity

of redwood trunks;

contained in a kind of

cathedral of bark

as the sun moves down the sky

toward the sea.

But for the occasional car on a

distant road,

the day is quiet.

There where they laid him,

he would not have stirred.

No angel would have come

to roll away the stone.

The body that suffered for

all mankind

would be thought to

wake no more.

Cold that night,

as it will be tonight.

Had not Peter but a day before

stood before a charcoal fire

as he denied his Lord?

And now this night,

two millennia after,

the onset of dusk confuses the sight.

A fledgling Cooper's hawk

mistakes my leg for a

place to perch,

grabs onto me then flutters away,

leaving the sensation of its

talons on my shin.

Will you not stay awake one hour,

he had said to Peter,

for he knew the law was

already moving. …

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