Academic journal article International Journal

Index 1998-1999

Academic journal article International Journal

Index 1998-1999

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Azzi, Stephen. Magazines and the Canadian dream: the struggle to protect Canadian periodicals, 1955-1965 502

Black, J.L. Russia and NATO expansion eastward: red-lining the Baltic states 249

Bland, Douglas L. A sow's ear from a silk purse: abandoning Canada's military capabilities 143

Bothwell, Robert. The Canadian isolationist tradition 76

Boulden, Jane. Independent policy research and the Canadian foreign policy community 625

Browne, Dennis. Canada's cultural trade quandary: how do we resolve the impasse? 363

Clemens, Jr, Walter C. From AD 2000 to AD 2025: six alternative futures 267

Conge, Patrick J. See Okruhlik

Copeland, Daryl. After the storm: Asia Pacific prospects and Canadian foreign policy 683

Coulon, Jocelyn. La politique de defense et le maintien de la paix: le Canada peut-il le faire? 106

Dobson, Wendy. Fallout from the global financial crisis: should capitalism be curbed? 375

Franceschet, Antonio. The ethical foundations of liberal internationalism (1999 Gelber Prize) 463

Gizewski, Peter. Managed proliferation in south Asia: implications for regional security and the non-proliferation regime 279

Griffiths, Franklyn. The Northwest Passage in transit 189 HAY, ROBIN. See Rioux.

Heeney, Stephen. The Philippines: some reflections on democracy in a unique environment 292

Huebert, Rob. Canadian Arctic security issues: transformation in the post-cold war era 203

Joffe, Josef. Internationalism, withdrawal, and Europe's role in world affairs 48

Kirschbaum, Stanislav J. Slovakia: the end to a confused sense of direction? 582

Kirton, John J. Canada as a principal financial power: G-7 and IMF diplomacy in the crisis of 1997-9 603

MacFarlane, S. Neil. The regionalization of European foreign and security policies 28

----- Humanitarian action and conflict 537

Mackenzie, Hector. Sinews of war and peace: the politics of Canadian economic aid to Britain, 1939-1945 648

Maloney, Sean M., & Scot Robertson. The revolution in military affairs: possible implications for Canada 443

McGregor, Andrew. Quagmire in west Africa: Nigerian peacekeeping in Sierra Leone (1997-1998) 482

Nichols, Thomas M. Mules, missiles, and McCarthy: CNN's Cold War 418

Nossal, Kim Richard. Pinchpenny diplomacy: the decline of 'good international citizenship' in Canadian foreign policy 88

Okruhlik, Gwenn, & PATRICK J. CONGE. The politics of border disputes on the Arabian Peninsula 230

Perle, Richard. Is the United States turning inwards? 1

Pratt, Cranford. Competing rationales for Canadian development assistance 306

Price-Smith, Andrew T. Ghosts of Kigali: infectious disease and global stability at the turn of the century 426

Rioux, Jean-Francois, & Robin Hay. Canadian foreign policy: from internationalism to isolationism? 57

Robertson, Scot. See Maloney

Robinson, Paul. 'Ready to kill but not to die': NATO strategy in Kosovo 671

Ross, Douglas Alan. Canada's functional isolationism and the future of weapons of mass destruction 120

Simpson, Erika. The looming costs of NATO expansion in the twenty-first century: what alternatives does Canada have? 324

Spears, Ian S. Angola's elusive peace: the collapse of the Lusaka accord 562

Stairs, Denis. Canada and the security problem: implications as the millennium turns 386

Thakur, Ramesh. South Asia and the politics of non-proliferation 404

Workman, Paul. Paul Workman's Paris 175

Zakaria, Fareed. The challenges of American hegemony: then and now 9

The Readers' Column

Gotlieb, Allan. Mutual interests 182

Kay, Zachariah. The diplomacy of prudence 183

Review Articles

Kingston, Paul. Contextualizing Islamic fundamentalism 695

Spears, Ian S. Power-sharing and conflict resolution in Africa: a review of case study literature 525

Wolfe, Robert. …

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