Annual Index Annuel, Volume 29 [Subject Index, Author Index]

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AC=Article critique


BR=Book Review


CR=Conference Report

Cr=Compte rendu




RA=Resume d'article

RC=Rapport de conference

RE=Review Essay

TC=Travaux en cours

WIP=Work in Progress

This index covers all material published, reviewed or abstracted in RFR/DRF volume 29. Material can be found either by author or by subject. The author index includes the name(s) of the author(s), the title of the piece, the type of material, the volume number and the page number. Book reviews are listed by author and by reviewer. The subject index is arranged by main subject categories. Entries are listed under the main subject category by specific subheading followed by the author's name and the type of material as well as its location in the journal.



The legal system and First Nations' independence - Monture-Angus, Patricia A. 1/2:150.

Aboriginal harvesting rights and white resistance - Lawrence, Bonita AB 3/4:272.

Legal analysis of an Aboriginal victim of wife battering - Lash, Jean AB 3/4:275.

The representations of Aboriginal women in feminist scholarship - Fiske, Joanne AB 3/4:276.

Sex, power and and narratives in Indian residential school histories - Million, Dian AB 3/4:277.

Discrimination against women in the Indian Act - Gehl, Lynn AB 3/4:278.

An anti-colonial feminist perspective on Aboriginal liberation struggles - Sunseri, Lina AB 3/4:279.


Les relations de genre soumises a l'epreuve de la maladie de l'enfant - de Suremain, Charles-Edouard, Pierre Lefevre et Iris Pecho RA 3/4:303.


Visualizing uncertainty in a territory of visual art - Mackenzie, Landon A 1/2:73.

Troubling gendered identities with photography, interviews and autobiographical stories - Newbery, Liz A 3/4:19.

Women artists of colour and Canadian arts institutions - Sethi, Meera A 3/4:85.

Photographs from Hannah Wilke's "Intra-Venus" - Narvey, Caryn A 3/4:133.

Teaching courses in visual culture - Parsons, Sarah A 3/4:155.

Art, space and gender - Whiteman, Maria A 3/4:213.

Race, nature and gender in Canadian nationalist mythology - Mackey, Eva AB 3/4:274.

The art and life passages of Diana Dean - Redpath, Anne F. AB 3/4:274.

Reading sex, race and the nation in artistic performance - Francis, Margot AB 3/4:290.


Asian-American diasporic narratives of children of immigrants - Gunew, Sneja A 1/2:57.

Philosophy and protection of the personal - Campbell, Sue A 1/2:81.

Personal experiences as a feminist philosophy professor - Overall, Christine BR 1/2:141.

Troubling gendered identities with photography, interviews and autobiographical stories - Newbery, Liz A 3/4:19.

The problem and importance of telling one's life story for refugee and immigrant women - Hua, Anh AB 3/4:297.


The art and life passages of Diana Dean - Redpath, Anne F. AB 3/4:274.


Andreae, Emily BR 1/2:148.

Andreae, Janice BR 1/2:148.

Boyd, Susan B. BR 3/4:249.

Byers, Michele BR 3/4:266.

Davis, Andrea BR 3/4:258.

Faulkner, Ellen BR 3/4:260.

Habib, Jasmin BR 1/2;150.

Harder, Lois BR 3/4:252.

LaViolette, Nicole BR 1/2:145.

Martinez, Andrea Cr 1/2:154.

McLeod, Carolyn BR 1/2:141.

Muszynski, Alicja BR 3/4:245.

Nelson, Jennifer J. BR 3/4:263.

Pollack, Shoshana BR 3/4:247.

Wright, Cynthia BR 3/4:254.


Poverty narratives by women - Rimstead, Roxanne BR 3/4:263.

Violence and poverty in Newfoundland and Labrador - George, Glynis AB 3/4:272.

Gender and the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty protest - Hewitt-White, Caitlin AB 3/4:272. …


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