Book Reviews -- Young Victims, Young Offenders: Current Issues in Policy and Treatment Edited by Nathaniel J. Pallone

Article excerpt

Pallone, Nathaniel J. (Ed.). (1994). Young Victims, Young Offenders: Current Issues in Policy and Treatment. Binghamton, NY: Haworth Press. 237 pp. Hardcover ISBN 1-56024-703-7, price $39.95.

In a time when child maltreatment rates are skyrocketing and concern over the criminal activity of youth is increasing, there is a need to examine how current policies and practices meet the needs of troubled kids and those who work with them. Young Victims, Young Offenders attempts to do this by presenting a collection of articles that addresses issues relevant to the treatment of abused and delinquent youth. These readings would be of interest to policy makers, program developers, and treatment providers. They also could be useful as supplemental material in educational and training programs.

The articles contained in the book can be roughly classified into three topical areas: policy-treatment interface, treatment models, and research. Two articles explore how states respond to child abuse and delinquency (e.g., through courtroom procedures and mandated reporting) and how government policies impact youth and the professionals who work with them. Four articles outline specific treatment approaches, including a cognitive intervention for court referred youth, individual therapy techniques for sexual abuse survivors and juvenile sex offenders, and the Kibbutz Resocialization program for delinquents. An additional article provides an in-depth critique of the use of anatomically detailed dolls in child sexual abuse cases. The remaining articles report the findings of studies that address concerns such as recidivism among perpetrators of sexual assault, diversion as agency policy, predicting delinquency and treatment effectiveness, and the long-term impact of residential care. …


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