Book Reviews -- Personal Relationships during Adolescence Edited by Raymond Montemayor, Gerald R. Adams and Thomas P. Gullotta

Article excerpt

Personal Relationships During Adolescence. Raymond Montemayor, Gerald R. Adams, & Thomas P. Gullotta (Eds.). Thousands Oaks, CA: Sage. 1994. 254 pp. Hardcover ISBN 0-8039-5680-0. $46.50 cloth, $22.95 paper.

Beginning in 1989, these editors published their first volume of the annual series, Advances in Adolescent Development. The previous volumes edited by these three prominent scholars of adolescence focused on themes of biological foundations, early adolescence, social competency, identity formation, and sexuality. The current, 1994 volume centers on personal relationships and continues the tradition of scholarly excellence established in the previous volumes.

Perhaps because of Hill's (1980) influential framework, researchers of adolescence have tended to conceptualize relationships as being defined within contexts such as families, peers, and schools. The current volume generally reflects this view of relationships as nested within contexts. The view contrasts with the literature on adult personal relationships, which tends to view relationships and contexts as bilateral influences.

The book presents a diverse array of chapter topics and formats. The various formats include four traditional literature reviews, two theoretical papers, a research report, and a review of an author's line of research. With respect to the topics, there are four chapters on relations with peers, two chapters on personal relationships more generally, and single chapters on parent-adolescent relations, relations with nonfamily adults, and cultural contexts.

After a brief preview chapter, the book opens with a chapter by Collins and Repinski that reviews theories and constructs in the field and advances provocative ideas for theory construction and future research. In the next chapter Patricia Noller presents a wide-ranging and engaging review of parent-adolescent relations and adolescent outcomes. …


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