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Academic journal article Notes


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This column provides a forum for responses to the contents of this journal, and for information of interest to readers. The editor reserves the right to publish letters in excerpted form and to edit them for conciseness and clarity.

To the Editor:

As author of a publication reviewed in Notes 60, no. 2 ("Expanding Horizons: Sexuality and the Rezoning of The Tender Land," in Copland Connotations: Studies and Interviews, ed. Peter Dickinson), I would have appreciated more careful consideration than afforded by your reviewer.

First, my name is Daniel, not David, Mathers. Second, my essay originated as a paper given at the University of Maryland, College Park, instead of at the Toronto and London conferences cited (p. 450), where none of the Copland papers addressed my topic.

Finally, and most importantly, the reviewer gives no indication that I too share his reservation, along with Copland, that "sexual orientation should be interpreted as only a portion of the artist's world view " (p. 451). In this regard, one can note especially my use of Copland's phrase "part answer" (p. 118) to describe the opera's inscription of sexuality.


Aurora, IN

The reviewer responds:

First of all, Daniel Mathers is right to be incensed that I got his name wrong. It is mortifying, inexcusable, and all I can do is apologize and ask his forgiveness. …

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