Joe Writes Santa

Article excerpt

Dear Santy Clause,

It may seem a little strange to you, me, Joe Scatterscrew, writing to tell you what I need for Christmas but it helps a little for a man to get it off of his mind. For one thing, I sure would appreciate a new Area Supervisor. This one I got is mean. He's always a doggin a man to death to do a better job. I would like an old wore out one who is wise enough to let a man alone.

Another thing I want is for them fellers at A&M to quit sending out so much stuff. I only got a small waste paper basket and all them teaching plans and stuff like blueprints and so on, overloads my waste paper basket. Besides, it makes me feel like maybe I ought to be doing a better job.

I would also appreciate some disaster like a cyclone or a bad spell of lightening which would eliminate my superintendent and principal. They keep a hounding me about my housekeeping and not attending faculty meetings and keeping boys out late from classes and other unreasonable things like that.

Also I sure would appreciate it if you could see that PeeWee, Willie, Adolph, and 8-Ball would quit school. Them boys deal me misery.

I would like for the Jackson Motor Company to give me a new pickup without having to turn this one in. …


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