Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Pakistan

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Pakistan

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Jan. 18: Pakistani authorities announced that they detained seven of their top nuclear scientists in an inquiry into how Pakistani nuclear technology made its way into Iran, Libya, and North Korea,. [WSJ, 9 1/9 19]

Jan. 23: After an internal investigation, Pakistani authorities concluded that Pakistani scientists provided unauthorized technical assistance to Iran's nuclear program for personal financial gain. Among those named as providing information was Pakistan's atomic energy program founder, 'Abdul Qadeer Khan. [WP, 1/24]

Jan. 27: India and Pakistan announced that they would open negotiations in Pakistan's capital, Islamabad, from February 6 16 6 to February 18. [NYT, 1/28]

Jan. 31: Pakistani authorities removed 'Abdul Qadeer Khan from his post as an advisor to the prime minister, as he and other scientists were investigated for possible links to a ring of scientists, middlemen, and government officials responsible for trading nuclear technology information on the black -market. [NYT, 2/10]

Feb. 1: 'Abdul Qadeer Khan signed a detailed confession admitting he provided nuclear weapons technology and designs to Iran, Libya, and North Korea over the last 15 years. [NYT, 2/2]

Feb. 4: 'Abdul Qadeer Khan apologized for his role in selling nuclear technology to Iran, Libya, and North Korea. In his speech, Khan took full responsibility and claimed that the authorities did not approve his actions. [WP, 2/5]

President Musharraf pardoned 'Abdul Qadeer Khan following the former scientist's televised confession that he had leaked nuclear information to Iran, Libya, and North Korea. During his speech, Musharraf called Khan a "national hero." The United States expressed its appreciation for the steps taken by Pakistan in the investigation of the leaks. [AFP, 2/5]

Feb. 12: Pakistani authorities arrested two Islamic militants in connection with two assassination attempts against President Musharraf. [Reuters, 2/13]

Feb. 17: Pakistani authorities arrested two Islamic militants, including one suspected of involvement in the murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. [Reuters, 2/17]

Feb. 18: India and Pakistan agreed to a "road map for peace," which sets a six -month schedule for discussion and negotiation on a range of issues including the fate of Kashmir. …

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