Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Afghanistan

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Afghanistan

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Jan. 18: According to the Governor of the Charchenko district, 11 civilians died in a US air raid. [Reuters, 9 1/9 19]

Jan. 29: Seven US soldiers died when an explosion ripped through an ammunition dump in southern Afghanistan. While it was unclear what caused the explosion, the Taliban took responsibility for the attack. [Reuters, 1/29]

Feb. 1: The Mayor of southern city Deh Rawood, Khalif Sadaht, was killed along with three sons and four relatives in a road side bombing. [WP, 2/2]

Feb. 11: A Taliban gunman killed deputy provincial intelligence chief Major Muhammed Isa Khan in Khost, 90 miles south of Kabul. [WP, 2/12]

Feb. 14: Suspected Taliban or al-Qa'ida gunmen killed four Afghan UN staff workers who were removing landmines in southern Afghanistan. [NYT, 2/15]

Feb. 26: On the same day that President Hamid Karzai informed US secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld that the coalition had defeated the Taliban, suspected militants shot and killed five Afghan non -profit workers east of Kabul. [NYT, 2/27]

Mar. 1: Britain announced it would more than double aid to Afghanistan, pledging $934 million over five years. [WSJ, 3/2]

Mar. 5: US and Afghan soldiers killed nine Islamic militants in a gun battle in the eastern province of Paktita. [WP, 3/7]

Mar. 15: The Asian Development Bank pledged $1.2 billion in assistance to Afghanistan's reconstruction projects from 2004 through 2006. Most of the assistance will be in the form of loans. [FT, 3/16]

Mar. 17: US secretary of State Colin Powell visited Afghanistan for the first time in two years. Powell indicated that the United States would not offer any major increase to the already-pledged $1 billion dollars in aid to Afghanistan. [NYT, 3/18]

Mar. 18: During clashes with Islamic insurgents in the central province of Uruzgan, two US soldiers were killed and two others wounded. [WP, 3/19]

Mar. 21: Afghan Minister of Aviation Mirwais Sadiq was assassinated by unidentified gunmen in the western city of Herat. …

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