Academic journal article Chicago Review

Ascending the Platte

Academic journal article Chicago Review

Ascending the Platte

Article excerpt

Great Dane mudflaps cut the backwash,

block the stones slung out of the tread ravines.

Swarms of Crotch Rockets flow in the wake,

splashing through the schitstream,

flowing out of the feedlots, the olfactory blitzkrieg

torching the front brain with cacafuego

deep meat nausea, direct intimations of rot

and hormonal criminality, anabolic aggression,

the mental rage brought on by the Void currents

snaking along the river through the cottonwood groves,

the familiar Outhouse Effect. Our people

just can't stay away from it, the smell of growth

(and remember the rule of the Dog:

if you can smell it, give it some money)

so accelerated the organs burst,

and the hyper smell blows off their burstinging.

The poor cow, a creature born, bred and fed

only to be ground, chopped & sawed

and whose hide will become the vehicles

for pedestrians, who thereby travel to venues certainly

denied the cow in the course of its rue-roid life in the lot.

Wretched be such a fate for a fellow creature, a being

who is sensate as we are, having ear and nose and eye,

and generous with milk, and whose very excrement

will keep us warm along with the mutt

in the shivering gloom of our turf covered hut. …

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