Academic journal article Chicago Review

Radicals on the Great Plain

Academic journal article Chicago Review

Radicals on the Great Plain

Article excerpt

The Drenchers advocate more water everywhere

whether by silver nitrate dispersal

or by drilling water mining.

They make no distinction between good and bad water

Main enemy: the Dredgers.

Both sexes, however, are reductionist.

The Drieden regard everything with dread,

awe or reverence.

They want to drop the bomb

just to get it over with.

Many members from southern Indiana.

The Dredgers.

They sprinkle flour over everything

and hope for the best.

Large membership from Michigan.

They all live in fear of Polly Decimal,

the queen of the digits.

The Tablewhackers, the spirit summoners

the Pot wallopers, the last of the franchise.

The Tree kickers, anti-ecologenes

who walk through the forest with chain saw tapes

turned on full vol.

The Hole Diggers, a truly lost and aimless

set of brethren related to

the Post setters and Wire stringers.

The head slappers, very indecisive cult.

Never know what to do and so forth.

The Grass hoppers, similar to the

Claim jumpers of the Western mountains,

now largely defunct

But some of their practices are being revived by

The Bankers.

The grass stompers, an alarmist sect related to

the Dirt Stompers, the Dirt Throwers, the Ground Hogs

and Large Land Owners

holding multiples of square miles

a lickspittle sect of

Land Jobbers & Land Grabbers

all under the dioceses of the Bankers.

The Cheese Pairers, a curious but hopeless sect

who hold that out of insignificance

will come greatness, material greatness,

that is, they deem misery and petty economizing

to be honorific.

They are greatly encouraged in this

by the masters of the cult,

the Bankers. …

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