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Chronology: Iran

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Iran

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July 15: Iran successfully test-fired the Shahab-3, a ballistic missile with range capabilities of 800 miles. [7/16 NYT, WP, 7/17 FT, WSJ]

July 16: In Tehran, eight leaders representing the student group Office for Fostering Unity, staged a sit-in outside Majlis offices in protest against the 11 July acquittal of Brigadier General Farhad Nazari and 17 of his deputies of their involvement in the 9 July 1999 raid on Tehran University dormitories. [7/17 WP]

July 17: The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported that a court had sentenced to five-and-a-half years in jail Emadeddin Baqi, a journalist convicted of insulting Islam. [7/18 NYT]

July 18: In an effort to "brighten the mood... among students," the Education Ministry announced an easing of dress restrictions for elementary schoolgirls, allowing for "bright, happy clothes" instead of the traditional black garb. [7/19 NYT]

July 25: The judiciary closed the weekly Gounagoun. [7/26 NYT, FT, WP, 8/4 MEED]

July 26: President Muhammad Khatami announced that he would seek re-election in May 2001 presidential elections. [7/27 NYT, WP, 8/11 MEED]

July 28: The London-based Middle East Economic Digest reported that on 19 July, Muhammad Reza Khatami, Deputy Majlis Speaker, and Mohsen Mirdamadi, head of the Majlis committee on national security and foreign policy, had appeared in court to discuss their involvement in the production of a videotape linking the group Ansar-e Hizballah to senior Muslim clerics. [7/28 MEED]

Aug. 1: IRNA reported that for the first time in the history of Shi'i Islam, a group of six Iranian religious leaders had issued a fatwa declaring that women could lead congregational prayers of their own gender. [8/2 NYT, WP, 8/11 MEED]

Aug. 2: IRNA reported that the Iraq-based Mujahidin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) had launched a mortar attack on the Dehloran region bordering Iraq. In clashes with Iranian security forces following the attack, two Iranian guards and several MKO members were killed. [8/3 NYT, FBIS]

Aug. 4: Middle East Economic Digest reported that the Islamic Iran Participation Front coalition of President Khatami had become the country's first official political party. [8/4 MEED]

Aug. 5: In Fars Province, Rahmat Rohani Sarvestani became Governor of Sarvestan District, becoming the first female since the 1979 Revolution to attain a district governor position. [816 NYT, 8/18 MEED]

Aug. 6: Ayatollah `Ali Khamene'i halted Majlis debate aimed at deregulating the Iranian press. [8/7 NYT, FT, WSJ, 8/8 WP]

Aug. 7: The judiciary ordered a four-month suspension of the weekly publication Cheshmeh Ardebil, charging its editors with "disturbing public opinion" and "insulting Islamic sanctities." 18/8 NYT, WSJ, WP]

Aug. 8: The Press Court ordered the closure of Bahar, a daily published by Saeed Pourazizi, a close aide to President Khatami, charging it with "disturbing public opinion" for publishing an allegedly fake interview with Majlis member Ahmed Pournejati. In the interview, Pournejati had reportedly said that "reformers" would find a way to pursue the bill on press deregulation. [8/9 NYT, FT, WP, 8/18 MEED]

Aug. 12: In Tehran, police interrogated and arrested Ibrahim Nabavi and Muhammad Qouchani, journalists for the banned daily `Asr-e Azadegan. [8/14 FT, WSJ, WP, 8/15 NYT]

Aug. 14: President Khatami announced that in an effort to reduce the state bureaucracy, his government had merged four ministries into two, thereby reducing to twenty the number of members in his Cabinet. [8/25 MEED]

Aug. 16: Tehran radio reported that in the Gulf, a US ship had rescued passengers of an Iranian helicopter that had crashed near an oil rig. [8/17 NYT, FT]

Aug. 18: Legislators presented a new bill in the Majlis that aimed to block the judiciary from suspending any further "reformist" newspapers. …

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