Academic journal article Parnassus : Poetry in Review

The Phases of Anat

Academic journal article Parnassus : Poetry in Review

The Phases of Anat

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Poetry is our ladder to the moon

Anat suspends over her garden

like a mirror for hopeless lovers

as she wends her way into deserts of the soul--

two women never to be reconciled,

one bringing water to fountains,

the other driving fire to forests.

As for horses, let them

prance forever over the two bottomless pits

where there is neither life nor death,

while my poem is Anat,

death-foam at the mouth,

animal's cry

in its shrill ascent

and its deep-throated fadeout.

Anat, I want you both together

in love and war

and I find myself in Hell,

for I love you.

Anat kills herself within herself

then recreates that distance inside herself

so that before her image far away

all creatures pass

over Mesopotamia and Syria,

and all regions obey

scepter of lapis and Virgin's ring.

O Anat, why remain in the underworld?

Come back to nature!

Come back to us!

Wells dried up when you left us,

streams and rivers ran dry when you died,

tears evaporated from clay jars,

air cracked like wooden embers

from dryness,

and we broke down over your absence

like fences rotting away.

Our desires have dried up

and our prayers turned to bone.

All is lifeless after your death,

for life died out like the conversations of

people on their way to Hell.

O don't stay in the underworld, Anat! …

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