Academic journal article Parnassus : Poetry in Review

Double Kasida

Academic journal article Parnassus : Poetry in Review

Double Kasida

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Who is this comes from Wejh? This "little, barefooted, silk-shirted man"? Wears a "gold and crimson Meccan head-dress"? On his camel Ghazala?

Do you think he can tell you? He himself is an entire tribe with Sam Browne belts under their ghalabiyas.

Um. Can it be Urens? Multiple Lawrence? Whom ululating Damascus splashed with scent.

0 my Sheikh, croucher at the councils of the Arabs.

2. VII. 1919

Dear Sassoon,

I wonder whether you've read a good poet, Isaac Rosenberg? I'm carrying around with me his Moses, a pamphlet he himself brought out. He was killed on April Fool's Day 1918. I was at Salt then. I make the connection because this unlucky man is an inside-out version of me. His interests turned to the Levant. He thought of the inert masses of Jews as I of the tribes I hoped to wake from their hibernation. We shared an interest in fighting torpor. And both of us little men.

I've liked my poets as a boy his confectioner. Rosenberg's fierce. I had to take my hand out of the sweet-jar to read him.

His east was of the mother. Amazon Liliths. I suppose he had time to work through his notions in the noisy solitude of Flanders. He must have had a strange time in the trenches.

Don't think this the start of a subscription list though it may be.



Who's this leads a forlorn hope across Flanders' misused map. Lofty barns of misuse. No food for this horny troop.

The leader a little, booted, energetic man. Bombardier's squat helmet and curt look. His dismissed troop quarters itself in a church. It can re-form fast, it has been draughted with a pencil on the back of an envelope. (Hard to decipher this pencil holograph. …

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