Academic journal article Parnassus : Poetry in Review

Dream Theory

Academic journal article Parnassus : Poetry in Review

Dream Theory

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Not every dream I wake from

Leaves me feeling uneasy.

Some are wishes pure and simple

That pass through customs unmolested,

Fitting Grandma's theory of dreams

As much as Freud's. My dream last night

About traveling with Lynne in Europe

Seemed to express a wish for happiness

Uncompromised by the clamor of fact.

The thirty-year gap between the present

And the era in which I failed to persuade her

I was her destiny was an inch-wide crack

For my feelings to skip across

As they charged the gangway

With all our luggage, off for a voyage

We never managed to take before.

All those with degrees in dream analysis

Are free to turn for the day to the harder problems

That social workers and teachers are up against.

In my dream the reality principle

Showed merely as gray streaks in her hair

And a few wrinkles that seemed becoming.

Reality made us linger so long in Mantua

Over pumpkin pasta, sharing the inside story

About the Renaissance, how it mothered genius,

That we almost missed our train to Verona.

The only painful part of the dream

Was leaving her at a mountain hotel

When I went to lecture in Paris on the Bastille

That poetry opens. …

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