Academic journal article Parnassus : Poetry in Review


Academic journal article Parnassus : Poetry in Review


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The export of ladies' underwear in France

has recently exhibited an unprecedented development

because of a bold investment in the mass production of garments

characterized by a past era's taste for details

and shown in classically black silk.

A similar development has not, alas, been experienced

in another traditionally strong export article,

namely poetry, and the explanation for this is no doubt

that the reserve of talent has permitted itself to be enchanted

by the intimist ecriture which realizes its dreams

right on the female body through embroideries and lace.

Perhaps the poets should draw some consequences from this

and, following an important idea in Mallarme,

let their gaze reel at the nakedness of the page

which has not yet been dressed in typographical attire:

here anyone willing to make an inventory of the store

of typographical rosettes and leaf ornaments

with which printers ever since the 16th century

have been able to frame the undisguised flesh of the page

will find at his disposal a variety of stylistic tricks. …

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