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A New Standard for a New Millennium

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A New Standard for a New Millennium

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Quality standards have become a key element in many businesses throughout the world as demand from customers and suppliers create a need for quality consciousness. Through improvement of their management systems, many businesses are learning that they can satisfy the needs of their customers, as well as see a direct effect on their bottom line.

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has played a major part in helping organisations improve their management systems through the ISO 9000 series, which was introduced 20 years ago and has since become widely respected and used by more than a quarter ofa million businesses worldwide.

The standards have pioneered awareness of a structured approach to quality management, leading to better products, less wastage, fewer errors, better acceptance from customers and improved profit.

December zooo saw the launch of the successor to ISO 9000: 1994 - ISO 9000:2000. The British Standards Institution (BSI), as a member ofthe ISO committee, worked closely to develop the new standard, which reflects business practice today and has been designed to offer greater flexibility.

In recent years, other business disciplines have become driven by processes, not procedures, which meant industries began to find the ISO series inflexible, and therefore less relevant to their needs.

The new standard is designed to make life easier for those implementing it, and for all members of staff It invites the company to set its own objectives, and through these, everyone will know what it is they have to do. It isn't about us setting objectives, which may be irrelevant for the company to fulfil. What we try to do is establish a frame work, which will be beneficial to the organisation.

The standard does not pursue quality for its own sake, but acknowledges it as an essential requirement for the achievement of customer satisfaction. Therefore the new series has been reborn in a clearer, more accessible form, which is simple to adopt. It has customer satisfaction as its main goal, and involves top management, so that everyone in the organisation can be motivated through encouraging common goals

We strongly believe that quality must begin at the top and be cascaded through Administrative Managers to other people within the organisation. …

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