Communication Planning: An Integrated Approach

Article excerpt

* Ferguson, Sherry Devereaux. (1999). Communication Planning: An integrated approach. Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage Publications. 262 pp. Hardback $53; paperback $27.

Beginning with the book's introduction the reader will realize that the author, Sherry Devereaux Ferguson, is serious about breaking new ground in the study of organization communication and public relations. She professes, "No other book on the market takes such a comprehensive approach to planning." Communication Planning An Integrated Approach does an excellent job of combining communication theory and practical advice. It presents a unique and thorough approach on "why" and "how to" develop en effective integrated marketing communications plan. It contains many examples of strategic, operational and work plans that I have used as models for advertising students in their capstone campaigns class. The author fulfills her promises to be comprehensive, practical, and up-to-date on industry trends.

Indeed, I found the text to be wellintegrated and of interest to anyone involved in mass communication planning for private and public organizations. The text and appendix are balanced with useful theoretical and practical examples for public relations and advertising students and practitioners.

The book is divided into four parts and 13 chapters. Part I: Strategic Planning Cultures devotes two chapters to how organizations can foster a sound planning culture to ensure that communications plans reflect the management and organizational priorities. …


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