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Sweet Temptation

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Sweet Temptation

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UK office workers are still not information sawy, according to the third annual survey into office scruples, conducted by lnfosecurity Europe.

A survey of office workers at Liverpool Street Station found that 71 per cent were willing to part with their password for a chocolate bar.

The survey found the majority of workers would take confidential information with them when they change jobs and would not keep salary details confidential if they came across them.

A total of 172 workers were asked a series of questions during which they were asked to reveal their passwords and 37 per cent gave them immediately. A further 34 per cent revealed them following social engineering such as "I bet it's to do with your child's name".

The most common password categories were family names, such as partners or children (15 percent), followed by football teams (11 percent), and pets (8 percent). The most used password was 'admin'.

When asked if they would give their password to someone calling from the IT department, 47 per cent said they would. …

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