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Chronology: Afghanistan

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Afghanistan

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Oct. 16: In Jalalabad, President Bomanoddin Rabbani reportedly met with members of opposition groups including Harakat-e Enqelab-e-Islami leader Mawlawi Mohammed Nabi Mohammadi, the Hezb-e-Islami leader Mawlawi Yunes Khales, and the Ettehad-e-Islami leader'Abdorrsul Sayyaf. [10/17 FBIS]

Oct. 17: President Rabbani's forces bombed positions of Prime Minister Gulboddin Hekmatyar in east Kabul, killing two people and injuring thirty-one. Hekmatyar's retaliatory attacks on Kabul killed four people and wounded seventeen. [10/18 FBIS]

Oct. 21: President Rabbani's forces gained control of Kabul University following fighting that killed 50 people and wounded 257. [10/24 FBIS]

Fifteen civilians were killed and ninety-seven wounded in rocket attacks on south Kabul by forces of Prime Minister Hekmatyar. [10/24 PBIS]

Oct. 24: According to the Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Tehran), President Rabbani and Prime Minister Hekmatyar agreed to an Iranian-brokered 24-hour cease-fire, effective 4 p.m. on 25 October. [10/25 FBIS]

Oct. 3O: Clashes in Kabul resumed after a five-day cease-fire. Attacks by Prime Minister Hekmatyar's forces killed twelve people and wounded twenty-seven. [11/1 FBIS]

Oct. 31: United Nations special envoy to Afghanistan, Mahmud al-Mestiri, met with Prime Minister Hekmatyar to discuss a cease-fire. Mestiri proposed a transitional government to be in power for six to twelve months, the members of which would not be able to run in the following election. A commission would convene the Grand Assembly, which would appoint a transitional government for three years. [11/2 FBIS]

Forces of President Rabbani repulsed an offensive on Kabul staged by Prime Minister Hekmatyar's forces. Thirty-five of Hekmatyar's forces were reportedly killed in the battle. [11/2 FBIS]

Nov. 5: Twenty-three people were killed and 144 wounded in Kabul in clashes between forces of Resident Rabbani and those of Prime Minister Hekmatyar. [11/7 FBIS]

Nov. 7: Government representatives reportedly approved the 31 October UN cease-fire proposal with several amendments. …

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