Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Iran

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Iran

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Oct. 31: One hundred and thirty-four Iranian novelists, publishers, and translators published an open letter calling for the abolition of censorship in Iran. [11/1 NYT]

'Azizollah Amir-Rahimi, a former general, was arrested after publishing an open letter in which he condemned summary executions and called for political reforms. [11/1 FBIS]

Nov. 1: The parliament approved a bill allowing police to shoot and kill demonstrators. [11/2 NYT]

Nov. 5: The Mojahedine Khalq (MKO) said that Iran had fired surface-to-surface missiles at the MKO camp in Ashraf, Iraq. Iranian sources claimed that several MKO members were killed in the attack, but the MKO denied any casualties. [11/6 WP, 11/7 NYT]

Nov. 7: Two bombs exploded in southern Tehran, killing two people and wounding several others. [11/8 FBIS]

Nov. 9: Iranian jet fighters bombed a Kurdish base in Kou Senjaq in the UN declared "no-flight zone" in northern Iraq, killing at least one person and wounding the. [11/10 NYT]

Nov. 18: A new law, passed by a special council within the Iranian judiciary, gave women, divorced by their husbands, up to half the property accumulated during marriage in certain cases. [11/19 NYT]

Nov. 27: Dissident author 'Ali Akbar Sa'idi Sijani, 63, died in prison of a heart attack. Sijani was anted in March 1994 on charges of drug abuse and espionage. [11/28 NYT]

Nov. 29: The Grand Ayatollah Muhammad 'Ali 'Araki, 100, died in Tehran of a "cerebral vascular accident." [11/30 FBIS, WSJ]

Nov. 30: Human Rights Watch/Middle East called for an independent autopsy on 'Ali Akbar Sa'idi Sirjani, after Sijani's family stated he had no history of heart disease. …

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